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A Fully Integrated Software Platform for Healthcare Staffing

Our products are custom built for physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, allied health, transcriptionist, medical coding, and scribe staffing companies to manage your contracts, facilities, onboarding, recruiting, scheduling, & staffing needs.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Acquire New Medical Staffing Contracts

Using StatRecruit's advanced lead, pipeline, & workflow management features you will follow up on more leads and maintain the health of your current contracts. StatRecruit's healthcare staffing CRM solution is one of the most advanced in the industry and we are adding new artifical intelligence & automation capabilities every day.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Recruit & Retain Healthcare Practitioners

Recruiting medical staff such as nurses, physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, coders, scribes, & others can be time consuming and expensive. Together with our healthcare staffing companies we have developed the most advanced and purpose-built software solution for solving the problems unique to healthcare recruiting.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Manage & Nurture Existing Healthcare Staff

At StatRecruit, we've developed the best software for the management of healthcare practitioners & staffing companies. By increasing feedback opportunities and properly leveraging you business' data, our artifical intelligence algorithms & features improve compliance & measurably increase satisfaction of staff and clients alike.

Cloud Software For Healthcare Staffing Companies of All Sizes

When compared to our top competitors, we offer more user-friendly software, better pricing, and a software package built for the unique needs of healthcare & medical staffing organizations. No matter the size of your medical staffing organization we have the best cloud staffing software for your needs and a pricing structure that you can afford.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Early Stage Medical Staffing Companies

You have less than 50 medical staff. This early in your organization's lifecycle, you need to leverage the same advanced software capabilities usually reserved for larger medical staffing companies with dedicated IT budgets. Through StatRecruit's early stage healthcare staffing company partnerships we can make our software available to you at a fixed reduced rate to fit your budget.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Expanding Healthcare Staffing Companies

Your company is rapidly expanding to between 50 - 500 medical professionals, has recently acquired new contracts, and is looking to implement its first comprehensive cloud software for healthcare staffing companies solution. We can offer you a pricing structure which meets the needs of your growing company by sharing your success and growing with your established organization.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Regional Size Healthcare Staffing Companies

Your company employs between 500 - 2,500 medical practitioners. You are competing with larger organizations who have dedicated IT departments & need a solution to improve your workflows. StatRecruit works together with you within our existing pricing structure to provide you the support & features you need to implement the best healthcare staffing software available today.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Enterprise Stage Medical Staffing Companies

Your company employs more than 2,500 healthcare providers and manages more than 100 healthcare facilities or medical staffing contracts. We develop a customized package for branding, high availability, support, and service level agreements that large organizations like yours require. We work together with your IT department to integrate seemlessly into your existing infrastructure.